‘Mama Huhu’

When I lived in Shanghai I tried (although to be honest not with much conviction) to learn mandarin, I only managed to pick up a few phrases and among them one of my favorites is ‘Mama Huhu’! The definition of Mama Huhu is ‘neither one or the other – it’s so-so; mediocre’. Apparently in pre-historic times there was a drawing of a horse but it was not so realistic and someone said ‘whaddya mean a horse, look at it, it’s obviously a tiger’ and a heated discussion began with some shouting ‘horse, horse’ and others shouting ‘tiger, tiger’. After the row had gone on for some time they all decided it wasn’t  a good picture after all…because they couldn’t decide if it was a horse or tiger,  the only thing they could decide was the the picture was only so-so, mama huhu!


Make sure you are not living a mama huhu life, make sure your picture is clear, at least to you!



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