New year, new gear!

There is nothing like some new workout gear to get you motivated to move! I have recently discovered a new range called THE UPSIDE, launched last year by Jodhi Meares. Take a look at the upside.

To add a bit of roar to your workout, who could go past the ballet catsuit in Leopard! As a side note, I love the women’s rash vests, finally some great looking protection from the sun for the ladies!

the upside leopard catsuitthe upside rash vest

Another great site to stock up on everything you need to look fabulous while sweating it out is, Style Runner. They have a huge range of designers from all over the globe, many of which were also new to me! Check out style runner.

The sites first collaboration has been with Kamuka, producing a limited edition range of yoga mats, which have been getting rave reviews in the press.

style runner by kamuka


To inspire you further, here are the ten tips from our fitness friend at ‘A little bit wicked’

1.  Have a plan
2.  Work according to your schedule not someone else’s
3.  If you want results you are going to have to sacrifice time, try getting up earlier
4.  Be brave, it’s not easy
5.  Don’t be discouraged with not being able to push out a 60min work out 30 will do
6.  Plan and prepare your own food
7.  Diet will help you lose the fat, exercise determines what lies underneath
8.  If you can afford it, get a personal trainer, if you can’t, at least join a gym
9.  Consistency is key
10.Cheese is never your friend!

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