Chatting with Rebecca from la de dah kids

There are beanies, blankets, bean bag, bears and so many more beautiful things on la de dah kids. It’s one of those websites that you keep saying ‘oh and that’!! Today I’m chatting with Rebecca who launched la de dah kids after she had her boys, and was looking for beautiful cotton based toys. All the products are handmade, ethically in Asia, by a passionate team of women. How good is it to be able to make a super cool purchase, for the little people in your world, and know it’s making a positive difference to someone else’s? There really are so many pieces across the range of home-wares, crochet toys, kids clothing and baby accessories that are both unique and beautiful. It is hard not to find your ‘cart’ full very quickly!

Hi Rebecca…

Tell me a little about your background – what path led you to setting up La de dah kids?

My love of everything kids started when I was studying Fashion Design at RMIT, I did an elective in kids fashion and I love the creative freedom that it gave you. I then went to London for nearly 5 years working in the kids fashion industry. I then returned to Australia and continued working in the kids fashion industry . When I had my boys I was looking for some beautiful toys that are durable and cotton based. La de dah kids was born and we have never looked back

Can you tell me more about the women who make your products, and how their lives have been positively impacted by being involved with your business?

All of the women that make our products work from home. This enables them to create and extra income whilst offering flexible and safe working conditions.

Running a family and a business makes for a very busy day! What does a normal working day look like for you?

Wow no day is ever the same to be honest the juggle of motherhood and business make it different every day .  The day at present starts at 6.30am and begins with getting our little people ready and out the door to school and childcare . We then are in the office from 9- 3.30pm when we work on the range, talk to suppliers, range reviews, invoicing, etc. Pick up happens and then we juggle readers, bath time, feeding and bedtime. Work then begins again until about 11.30pm.

What memorable responses have you had to your range? 

So many beautiful responses – we love hearing that something we have created is a child’s favourite toy  and has made them smile. We love that we can bring joy to children through our beautiful characters.

Where would you like to see La de dah go from here? 

We have so many exciting plans for La de dah kids but the main focus is to keep producing beautiful products that make children smile and trigger their imaginations.

What superpower would you have and why?

50 more hands to juggle the ongoing tasks involved with running a business and being a mother.

What has been one of your favorite La de dah products?

Their are so many – probably our large monkey it was our first creation based off our boys obsession with monkeys.

What’s the best piece of advice you’ve been given? 

Keep evolving and never be afraid to ask for advice.

Can you list for me your top creative resources across any media – ie websites or blogs you visit daily, magazines you can’t live without?

Design Files, Lmnop magazine – I am a magazine addict – Real Living , Living etc , I love them all.

Beach or pool?

Beach – nothing beats natural beautiful beauty and the smell of the seaside.

Orange triangle beanie Pink triangle beanie brother bunny wall hanging blue triangle blanket grey marl and yellow spot bean bag navy and cream crochet large basket orange round floor mat grey and yellow round floor rug penny penguin kenny koala fox pram string camera bag billie chook count the sheep mobile large crochet red stripe monkey

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