Lola’s Ice Pops, the perfect popsicle!

It’s hot and humid here in Hong Kong at the moment, the kind of weather you go into shops pretending to be shopping, but really just soaking up the air conditioning, until you feel you can cope with going back out into the heat again!. We were recently out with the kids, on a rare ‘evening’ night out in central (to celebrate one of their birthdays) when we came across the most magnificent product… Lola’s Ice Pops, HELLO lip smacking cool relief!  These ingenious, entrepreneurial girls were working at the PMQ night markets, which ran here for the month of June. The kids were instantly drawn to the pretty array of colors, and intrigued by the selection of new flavor combinations they had never tried. We were drawn by their excitement and how happy we were to be buying them something cold and sweet, which was also made from fresh natural products, child and adult happiness unite!

I’m really excited to share this interview with you, if you live in Hong Kong please see details at the end where you can get your lips on a one of these fresh and refreshing ice pops! Enjoy.

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Tell me a little about your background – what path led you to setting up Lola’s ice pops?

We were both (Sandra Wong, originally from New York, and Julie Tuan, originally from San Francisco) working as lawyers when we moved to Hong Kong and continued to practice here for a number of years. Then we each had kids and decided we wanted to spend more time focusing on our families. We actually met through our kids who were then still babies– we formed our own little playgroup –  and began making ice pops at home for them using fresh fruit, as there was nothing like that here in Hong Kong.  From there, we decided to start Lola’s Ice Pops.  We are now in our second year of business.

What  are some of your most popular flavor combinations?

Our refreshing fruity flavours, including “Watermelon Lemon Mint” and “Strawberry Orange” are really popular, especially when the weather turns really hot and humid.  Our creamy and chocolate flavours, including “Key Lime Pie”, “Yuzu Lemon Cheesecake”, “Dark Chocolate Orange” and “Caramel Banana”, among others, are also crowd-pleasers.

What inspires you when you are coming up with new flavor combinations?

We get our inspiration from many sources. Sometimes we will decide to come up with a flavour using a particular fruit we notice is in season at the fresh markets, like our “Strawberry Lychee” popsicle when lychees are in abundance.  Sometimes we will have just eaten a scrumptious dessert and will decide to try make that in a form of an ice pop, that’s how our “Dulce de Leche with Toasted Almond and Walnuts” ice pop came to be.  Other times we’re inspired by the holidays, like our “Pumpkin Cheesecake” ice pop for Thanksgiving.  Mostly we just love to experiment and combine different fruits, flavours and textures.  

What memorable responses have you had to your product?

We are always so grateful and actually humbled when people say they like our popsicles!  We strive to be inventive and to come up with new flavours, and we don’t skimp on quality or ingredients.  At each public event we attend we really try to include enough variety so that there is something for everyone.  So, we think the great response we’ve received shows that people appreciate all of this, that we are constantly providing new, good quality products as opposed to simply churning out the same flavours again and again or making whatever is cheap or easy.  We have a great time making ice pops and serving them to everyone.  There is nothing like the joy of seeing a kid’s face light up after ripping off our wrappers and taking that first bite into our ice pop.  We think that happiness shows through in everything we do and also in our products.

What are your favorite Lolo’s ice pops flavours?

Julie’s personal favourite is “Cherries in Toasted Coconut” – it’s sweet, juicy fresh cherries in velvety coconut cream with toasted whole coconut flakes.  Sandra’s favourites are Grapefruit Rosemary and Lemon Curd

What sets Lola’s Ice Pops apart from others on the market?

Many of the mass-produced popsicles you find in Hong Kong (and elsewhere) are made from powdered mixes and are laden with artificial flavours and colouring, chemicals and preservatives.  If you look at the labels of certain “premium” brands, you’ll find that even those ones are artificially flavoured and coloured.

By contrast, everything that goes into our ice pops is fresh and natural.  We don’t use anything that’s artificial.  If we are making a “Mango & Red Chili” popsicle, we are using fresh mangoes and fresh chillies. The vibrant colours that result are all natural.  We also make everything in our popsicles from scratch, be it the brownies in our “Chocolate Fudge with Brownie Bites” popsicle, the caramel in our “Green Apple Salted Caramel” popsicle or the mochi in our “Green Tea Latte with Chocolate Mochi” popsicle.  It’s a lot of work to make everything by hand and from scratch, but we think it’s worth it.

Beach or pool?

That’s a tough one. Pool I guess, preferably with a swim-up bar! 


Where You Can Find Us 

Markets, Fairs, Festivals

We sell our ice pops at markets, fairs, festivals and various pop-ups throughout Hong Kong, which in the past have included:

  • The Island East Markets
  • The PMQ Night Markets
  • Harbour Artisanal
  • The Green Queen’s Made in HK
  • Sassy’s Gourmet Evening
  • Sassy Mama’s Marketplace
  • Clockenflap Music Festival
  • Homegrown Food’s Annual Harvest Feast


You can buy our ice pops from the following retail shops and restaurants:

  • The Bottle Shop (Sai Kung)
  • Mavericks (Pui O)
  • The Common Room (LKF, Central)

Catering and Events

  • Lane Crawford’s Vogue Fashion’s Night Out
  • Harvey Nichols’ Exhibit K
  • I.T/Kenzo’s new line launch
  • Fujifilm’s product launch party
  • Jones Lang LaSalle’s corporate events


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