Is it a competition?

So this week was a milestone week in our house, three kids at school! Three kids with three very different appetites. ONE who sits down and ‘orders’ breakfast like he is in a hotel ‘I would like a spinach and mushroom omelet, please. Also toast with jam and a baby ‘cino’! ONE who eats cereal at 6am and then is BORED out of his brain waiting for the bus to arrive at 8AM. And ONE who unless is woken, is still asleep when said bus arrives at 8AM; you can just tell in her future she will pour a dark black coffee and (please know I hope this doesn’t happen) light a cigarette and walk out the door and consider that breakfast!

SO with this in mind, packing school lunches is a challenge, to say the least. The school our kids goes to does not have a canteen, so the option of ‘lets just order lunch’ doesn’t exist. First world problems I know…

I took to Pinterest this week to look for inspiration on what to pack, if I didn’t feel bad enough, this is what I found. Seriously?! It’s at this point I need to remind you that as we live in Hong Kong, which gives us the advantage of having a full time helper. Even with help, and as much as I know my kids would love to open their lunch box and find these, it’s still a little… ‘unattainable’! I can’t even imagine who is making these, are you?? If this is not what you are sending your kids off with in the morning, I would love to hear what you are packing. I need help!

Thank you.



angry_birds_bento fish_sandwich_lunch-2 pirate_bento rice_elephant_bento-1




AND last but not least THIS!?!


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