day and night in Hong Kong, September 30th

If you have been reading the news this week, you will have heard there have been a series of protests here in Hong Kong. I am not here to tell you about politics, you can read what the students are asking for and why here.

I also enjoyed this article, so true!

I went into Central yesterday morning and then later last night, here are the photos I took to share with you. It was an amazing experience at both times of the day, I have never seen the city so empty and quiet, and then so full and crowded.

Central Hong Kong, 9am

IMG_4972 IMG_4963 IMG_4975 IMG_4985 occupy central


Central Hong Kong, 9pm

IMG_2326 IMG_5083 IMG_5070 IMG_5044 IMG_5069 IMG_5006 IMG_5050 IMG_5010 occupy Hong Kong


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