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Last week we went to Australia to attend one of my closest friends wedding (more about that in another post) for now I want to share with you our first stop, the Qantas Club lounge in the Hong Kong airport!


I first joined the Qantas Club about twelve years ago, when I qualified for a corporate discount! that privilege had long since lapsed, so I was thrilled to be given a new membership as part of my birthday present. The bonus is, if you are going to be a Qantas Club member then Hong Kong is the place to be, as the newly refurnished lounge is a designer + foodie travelers club of choice!

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Opened in April of this year, the lounge was designed by SUMU Design (who are also responsible for the new Qantas Club lounge in Singapore). The design brief was to create a boutique style environment, that also represented elements of the local culture. It runs 120 meters long, within the open wing of the airport, (opposite gate 15) overlooking the terminal and out to the tarmac, offering panoramic views of Lantau. Everywhere you look there are great design features from the tiles on the floor to the pictures on the wall to the booths and chairs.

Neil Perry has been responsible for the dining experience, and he doesn’t disappoint, the food was EXCELLENT. The staff are also extremely friendly and accommodating. The plate of the day, from the Spice Temple BBQ Bar, is char siu, barbecued pork. Which while I don’t eat pork, I was told was excellent. There are also dim sum style trolleys offering smaller morsels of  local food. All this along with the buffet makes for an experience you wish you didn’t need to book a flight to enjoy. In fact, I am sure I must be able to work out some flight times between Hong Kong and Singapore where I could maximize my time in both the lounges, they are that good!




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