My my marsala!

Pantone have announced it’s colors for 2015, Leatrice Eiseman, Executive Director for the Pantone Color Institute® is describing the colors as ‘En plain air’ which is a French expression meaning “in the open air“.


 Her full quote describing the announcement of the 2015 colors is;

Many feel compelled to be connected around the clock because we are afraid we’ll miss something important. There is a growing movement to step out and create ‘quiet zones’ to disconnect from technology and unwind, giving ourselves time to stop and be still. Color choices follow the same minimalistic, ‘en plein air’ theme, taking a cue from nature rather than being reinvented or mechanically manipulated. Soft, cool hues blend with subtle warm tones to create a soothing escape from the everyday hustle and bustle.

It blows my mind a little that someone can make this kind of connection between life and next years color trends!

But for the big news, THE 2015 color of the year is;


Leatrice Eiseman has described the color;

Marsala is a subtly seductive shade, one that draws us in to its embracing warmth.

Nurturing and fulfilling, Marsala is a natural fit for the kitchen and dining room – making it ideal for tabletop, small appliances and linens throughout the home.

This hearty, yet stylish tone is universally appealing and translates easily to fashion, beauty, industrial design, home furnishings and interiors.

To find out ‘why’ Marsala, click here

Before reading this announcement, I have  lived my life connecting the word Marsala to a great veal dish my mum used to make, and to the color as being either maroon or burgundy. You learn something new everyday…


Here is a snap shot of various things in ‘Marsala’ to set you off in the right direction, you can thank me later!







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