Now for… New Years Eve!


With the last of the wrapping paper ripped off, we have turned from Christmas clean up to New Years Eve prep in a single hour! We are currently organizing a progressive New Years Eve event, which will culminate at our place for mains, desert and no doubt general hilarity on many levels.

Following our foray into making spiced pomegranate gin for Christmas, I am looking for something to serve on New years eve. I talked to a friend in the business to get the low down on what’s new and hip in the alcohol industry, this is what I learnt..



For those of you in warmer climates, get started with some Smirnoff, with a new range of ‘Smirnoff sours’ in three flavors; Green Apple, Watermelon and Fruit Punch. They suggest serving as chilled shots. As an added touch, perfect for a New Years Eve party the bottle glows in the dark ,and the liquid is a vivid bright color, FUN!

Smirnoff have also created a fun hashtag #myfacewhen for you to post photos of your face when you have tried a shot.


Speaking of fun bottles for your party Stoli are launching a Stolichnaya ‘Night Edition’ vodka. When chilled to 15C/60F the label changes to display ‘high energy night elements’ like a DJ, drinks and music symbols. The heart also grows horns to indicate it’s night time!


Not to be left out of the party, Absolut has launched a Cherry Vodka, produced from all natural ingredients and containing no sugar, just incase that was a concern when drinking cockatails! They also suggest serving it chilled and neat, or as the base of a cocktail.


And lastly on my list of party Vodkas is my find from earlier in the year, Coco Vodka. It also comes in two flavors, pineapple and guava, but my favourite is the original. I love this drink!


Next up to keep the party going da da da na na.. Tequila!


And when it comes to Tequila I am a firm fan of Patron. For the silly season they have launched a range of high-strength “artisanal” tequila,LOOK OUT! The Roca range comes in three varieties ‘Silver, ‘Reposado’ and ‘Anejo’. Silver is sweet with notes of black pepper, pumpkin and lime tea. Reposado is more complex with hints of American oak, vanilla, ginger and caramel and  Anjo, aged for 14 months has hints of wood, nuts, raisins and gratefruit. Ohh now thats a tough choice…

And for a totally different Patron experience they have also launched  Patron XO Cafe Incendio, which is a fiery chile chocolate liqueur. Combining Mexican arbol chile and Criollo chocolate with their Patron Silver tequila. This sounds delicious!


For those of you in cooler climates or who prefer something more creamy, then there are some great new drinks for you to try too.


A firm cocktail favorite on most bars is Baileys, and they have come to the party with a chocolate cherry cream liqueur. They suggest serving this as a ‘Cherry Bombshell’, a shot of chocolate cherry liqueur with 15mls of Captain Morgans Original Spiced Rum, served in a shot glass with it’s rim covered in chocolate syrup. I’m guessing you will need to cover quite a lot of shot glass rims with chocolate as this is sure to be a big hit.


There is also a new Tiramisu liqueur which is sure to go down well, called the Antonella Tuscan Tiramisu Cream Liqueur. Described by the brand as “the perfect uplifting treat to indulge your senses and transport you to ‘La Dolce Vita!’” Well that sounds like somewhere I would like to go!


My final suggestion is the latest flavor from Rekorderlig, pomegranate, pefect! These ciders always deliver with fun fresh tastes, no matter what climate you are in this will be a great addition to your party. If you’re in Hong Kong you can get it from these guys Cellar Master wines.

What will 2015 bring to a bar near you…

For those of you who like to know whats coming next, in 2015 expect to be drinking cocktails that contain peppercorns, think.. white, black, sichuan and pink.



And wait for it….vegetable cocktails, yes that’s what my sources are telling me, think mushroom, bell pepper, celery, parsnip, pea and even spinach!




L, tbf x