in review

What a crazy week it’s been. I went from being told (after an un-named child knocked my laptop on the floor) that the hard drive needed to be replaced and everything was gone (which was like a death in the family!!!) to being told a day later ‘actually there was a loose wire, it’s fine come and get it’! (family member risen from the dead!) There are SO many things going on, all so exciting, I can’t wait to share them with you in the coming weeks, stay tuned.

Next week I will be in Australia where the sky is blue and the wifi is sparse, so I might be MIA, but be sure I will return with lots of great new design and cuisine finds for you.



This week I have been crushing on these…


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This is something I had never given any thought too, but now it’s been raised I’m pleased to know. I hope it gives me an edge next time we all go to the bowling alley!


I saw this in the shops this week, a cover for your washer and dryer…ermm, why exactly?!?





The boys were totally mesmerized by this lego video, it’s a very cool



I have just finished reading this book and really enjoyed it, have you already read it?



The ballroom wall paper in this post is my favourite pin this week, it’s so gorgeous



This website is life changing for those of you who are culinary people, subscribe you won’t be sorry



Enjoy your weekend, my favorite quote from this week is…




L, millie + tbf