Shanghai soup

Days off for Chinese New Year mean time to hang out, go hiking, spend time cooking (you can because you’ve been hiking!) and catching up on the long list that lurks on my desk.

After todays hike, knowing there was a big dinner coming up, I whipped up these super simple, delicious noodles. When we lived in Shanghai our Ayi used to make them for us, and they have been a staple in our diet ever since!



What you need

2 tsp sesame oil

2 tsp  soy sauce

1 tbs balsamic vinegar (or black chinese vinegar)

1 tbs chilli paste (I used garlic and chilli)

1 handful of noodles, I tend to eyeball the amount depending on how hungry I am and how many people are sharing with me

1 handful of greens, you can use whatever you like. I usually go with baby bok choy

1 litre of stock (chicken or vegetable, again up to you)


What you need to do

Bring your stock to a boil

Add noodles, cook according to packet instructions

With five minutes to go, add the greens

Serve! I like to add some sriracha sauce to add some extra kick, again optional.

You can also poach some chicken fillets and slice adding on top.



L, millie