Showcasing Joy Isaacs from ARgENTUM

Since I started this blog I have been introduced and interviewed lots of entrepreneurial people, mostly women, who have set up and created businesses to showcase their creative side, and offer them a flexibility that the corporate world couldn’t. Todays interview however, is a step in a whole new direction for me and I am beyond excited to be sharing it with you!

I was first introduced to Joy Isaacs through a friend who was singing her praises, as her skin care range had been awarded the winner of the Harpers Bazaars Beauty Awards, I was so impressed and intrigued about her journey that I had to find out more. It’s not often you meet someone who enters an arena normally held by multi national companies, that have global branding and recognition, who have come out on top! And not just as a winner of a very well respected award, but with a stylish product that also evokes your inner mindfulness, working side by side to complete a full picture. It’s about connecting beauty from within to your skincare. Which is not something you will find any of the big name brands selling creams laden with harmful chemicals discussing!

A more perfect product I don’t think you could find, the branding and the mantra behind it is everything I love, and I am thrilled to introduce to you Joy so you can find out more…


Flying Bird

Hi Joy, I absolutely love your branding, can you tell me more about it and how would you describe it?

ARgENTUM was born from a dream and that was the moment our journey began. Our intuition guides us, and the branding centres around this. We have created a world ~ a place where our poetry (feminine) and science (masculine) come together as one. We use this world to speak of our journey, and reveal the 12 archetypes who depict some of the people/energies involved in the creation of ARgENTUM, and call this 12 BECOME 1. We believe the key to inner beauty is finding a balance between all 12, and so with every jar of la potion infinie you will receive one archetype card, by chance but always with love. That is the energy drawn to you ~ the archetype within you that needs balancing or focus.

We are very proud of our patented science but believe true beauty shines from within, so presenting the two side-by-side, combining masculine with feminine intuition is our guiding goal.



 Can you tell me more about the process involved in producing and distributing your range?

Although we are a London based company, our products are manufactured in Paris, the home of cosmetics and I trust their expertise to produce our very unique product.  We sell online and through carefully selected retailers.  Our product and branding is different and promotes a new way to experience luxury skincare.

How did you get into this field? Did you know that’s what you wanted to do while you were in school, or did you find your passion for it later?

I had no idea I would end up in Skincare.  I do have a passion for creating beauty and initially thought I would end up in interior or jewellery design but somehow I have ended up here and it couldn’t fit more perfectly.  My background is in luxury marketing and my dream was to create a global brand.  ARgENTUM has allowed me to realise this dream and given me the opportunity to express myself with heart and integrity.

Are there any skin care ingredients you actively avoid when shopping for yourself?

Yes –  I try to avoid toxic ingredients and the lists now are very long, but that isn’t so much a problem because I use ARgENTUM products, which are 99.5% from natural origins.


Are there any new discoveries or breakthroughs in skin care you’re excited about right now?

Yes, ARgENTUM’s patent of silver hydrosol & DNA HP has just been granted.  It is extremely difficult to achieve this type of acknowledgement in cosmetic science and I am proud to say that we have.  

What do you think is the key to maintaining youthful and beautiful skin as you age?

They key is cleansing and hydration in combination with sleep and a healthy diet.  Genetics play a huge role, so we work with the tools we have.  I also think it is important to focus on inner beauty as that type of magnificence only ever shines from the inside out.  


What are the most important ingredients that women should look for when choosing skin care products?

There are many fabulous ingredients, which are great for skin – too many to list here. Instead, it is important to focus on the active ingredients as well as looking at the INCI list, which shows the ingredients used, in descending order of volume.

What do you see as the next big innovation in skincare?

The next big innovation would have to be natural sun protection.  There are many formulas on the market posing as natural but they fall short in my eyes.  Sun creams are normally so toxic and heavy that I break out after use, so I am looking forward to a breakthrough in this arena. 

What superpower would you have and why?

That would have to be flying, but as long as I was invisible so that I wasn’t spotted in the sky.

Beach or pool, and what products would you want with you?

Definitely beach, because I love feeling the sand and salt water. I am fair-skinned and know that sun damage is the biggest cause of aging so an umbrella is the most important thing for me to bring.  I grew up by the seaside in South Africa; so going on a beach holiday is a real treat now that I live in London, UK.

Where can we shop your range?

We sell ARgENTUM online and through various retailers globally e.g. You can also find us in London at Fenwick, Bond Street and The Shop at Bluebird, Kings Road.

Thank you, it was a great pleasure to chat with you!

L, millie + tbf