Pantone’s official new colour – Minion Yellow

I know how you all love a good Pantone colour update; so today I bring you their latest news. Three years since their last release, they have officially launched their newest colour, and while it might sound like an April fools joke it isn’t!


Pantone Minion Yellow


Yes that correct, ‘Minion Yellow’ is the latest addition to the Pantone range, Leatrice Eiseman has issued this statement to explain how we should feel..



If you are wanting to wear some 'Minion Yellow' here are some suggestions on how to add it...
Or if you would like to incorporate it into your interiors...

The thing about yellow is it’s very hard not to like it, it’s a happy colour. It is however often left out from wardrobes and decor, not suiting many complexions and being too bold to incorporate into your interior palate. Maybe this latest release will thrust it into the spotlight and the pop of Minions will become a more present sight, not one only found in nurseries!